SandForce: The Cloud needs Different SSDs

SandForceOn Monday December 13 SandForce introduced SSD controllers designed specifically for cloud computing applications.

You might wonder what is so different about cloud applications that they need an SSD controller of their own.  SandForce makes some interesting points:

  1. Cloud applications need low latency
  2. Cloud computing centers, like client SSDs, need a lot of capacity at a very low price Continue reading “SandForce: The Cloud needs Different SSDs”

Apple to Acquire Anobit?

Anobit SSDRumors are rampant that Apple intends to acquire privately-held Israeli Anobit, an SSD controller maker.  Articles The SSD Guy read about this appeared today in PC Magazine, EE Times, Forbes, and even the Washington Post.

While Objective Analysis may have nothing to say about these rumors, we can give some reasons why this might be a good move.

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