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The Memory/Storage Hierarchy

Memory/Storage ThumbnailIt recently dawned on me that one of the charts that I most frequently use in my presentations has never been explained in The SSD Guy blog.  This is a serious oversight that I will correct with this post.

The Memory/Storage Hierarchy (also called the Storage/Memory Hierarchy, depending on your perspective) is a very simply way to explain why there are multiple memory and storage types within a system: Why is there a cache memory, or a DRAM, or an HDD?  The simple answer is that you can improve the system’s cost/performance ratio of you break the system down into an appropriate mix of fast & slow, expensive & cheap memory or storage.

To explain this I go way back to the 1960s and review the concept of “Virtual Memory”.  This concept was first commercialized by computer maker Burroughs, although it was first implemented by the University of Manchester in England.  The basic concept was to provide programmers with an extraordinarily large memory in which to run their programs by fooling the program into thinking that the memory was as large as the magnetic disk.

I actually look at it from Continue reading

Podcast: Flash Memory Summit 2019

GreybeardsThose of you who enjoy listening to podcasts may want to hear Ray Lucchesi (Silverton Consulting) and Keith Townsend (The CTO Advisor) interview The SSD Guy for their series “Greybeards on Storage.”

This interview is the series’ 86th episode covering the world of storage.  These guys do a fantastic job of probing this industry with great enthusiasm and insight.

This episode is a 40-minute compendium of the sights and goings-on at the August 2019 Flash Memory Summit along with observations on the industry in general.  It’s not strictly structured, and not strictly serious, but just three industry insiders having a lot of fun sharing their observations.

Some of the broad range of subjects that Continue reading