Generative SSDs Coming Soon

Memory hierarchy pyramid standing on its apex, with tape at the point on the bottom, and L1 cache on the widest part at the top. At the sides are arrows pointing from bottom to top marked "Increasing Cost" and "Increasing speed"Now that Generative AI has hit its stride, the industry is beginning to see new applications of this technology that have previously been out of reach.  One such application is the development of the Generative SSD by an Andorran company by the name of SSDystopia, who took the time to brief The SSD Guy about its development.

The Generative SSD comes to the market with a completely different approach to Continue reading “Generative SSDs Coming Soon”

WDC Stealthily Announces More Details for HDD/Flash Split

Historical microphotograph of a cell splitting into two.On March 5 Western Digital issued an announcement updating the company’s plan to divide its HDD and flash businesses into two independent companies in the second half of this year.

The flash part of the business will be spun out with current WDC CEO David Goeckeler as “CEO Designate.”  No further Continue reading “WDC Stealthily Announces More Details for HDD/Flash Split”