Another Look at SSD Performance

Percona Benchmarks of SSD Performance across a Range of File SIzesLast week The SSD Guy was at a conference for users of the open source MySQL database program.  This is a gathering of foward-thinking mavericks who try new technologies ahead of many others.  This group has been deeply involved with SSDs for at least the past four years.

Vadim Tkachenko, co-founder of Percona (the show’s sponsor) shared a lot of significant new research that he has performed over the past year on SSDs.  I thought the chart in this post’s graphic was the most interesting one in his presentation.  It illustrates an Intel 320 SSD’s performance across a range of file sizes.

The performance declines as the file size increases.  As the file size grows the SSD has a declining amount of spare space to perform housekeeping.

This trend is similar to the performance measures spelled out in a report Objective Analysis compiled based on tests performed by Calypso Systems: Putting SSDs to the Test* and discussed in the blog post: Not All SSDs are Created Equal.

A priceless part of the presentation was when Mr. Tkachenko quipped: “We all know that benchmarks are lies.  The SSD brings the lie to a whole new level!”

Percona has performed a lot of very useful research on SSDs in the MySQL environment.  Anyone who is interested in this work can find out more on the Percona website.

* This report can be purchased for immediate download from the Objective Analysis website.

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