Big Data? Move the App to the Data

Inside Violin Memories' 6000-Series flash Memory ArrayIn Big Data circles there is a saying that it might be easier to move the application program to the data, rather than to move the data to the server where the application is working.  There’s a lot of wisdom in that.  The application is small and can move rapidly.  Big data takes time to move.

In that spirit at least one Violin Memory customer has decided to move their applications into the servers that reside within one of Violin’s 6000 Series flash Memory Arrays.  These are the two green boards running up the side of the chassis in the photo.  (there are two for redundancy – this is a high availability system.)

It’s a refreshingly different approach, but in this day when virtualization decrees that storage should be storage and servers should be servers it may not gain a lot of acceptance.  The SSD Guy will keep in touch with Violin to track the company’s sales into such applications.

Violin is one of many companies discussed in the Objective Analysis report The Enterprise SSD: Technologies & Markets.  This report can be ordered for immediate download from our website.

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