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Emerging Memory Market to Hit $36 Billion by 2030

The SSD Guy is pleased to announce the release of a new report co-authored by Objective Analysis and Coughlin Associates named: Emerging Memories Find Their Direction.  In this report we show that emerging memories, MRAM, ReRAM, 3D XPoint, and other technologies are well on their way to reach $36 billion of combined revenues by 2030.

These changes will revolutionize the way that software handles storage, converting from a “storage vs. memory” world to a “storage plus memory” world.  The report provides invaluable guidance to companies that use any sort of memory who could be left behind if caught unaware of the current transition from existing products to emerging memories.

Chip users will be impacted since high-speed nonvolatile emerging memories will change the architectures that system designers are already working on in ways that will improve power consumption and system responsiveness.  These new memories will drive fundamental changes to the way the market uses and profits from technology to provide a significant competitive advantage to early adopters.

Today’s entrenched memories, from DRAM main memory right up to processor caches, will be Continue reading