Happy Birthday to The Memory Guy!

The SSD Guy would like to wish a happy birthday to his evil twin The Memory Guy, who started posting one year ago.

His 47 posts this year have shown great insight into the memory business.

Apple to Acquire Anobit?

Anobit SSDRumors are rampant that Apple intends to acquire privately-held Israeli Anobit, an SSD controller maker.  Articles The SSD Guy read about this appeared today in PC Magazine, EE Times, Forbes, and even the Washington Post.

While Objective Analysis may have nothing to say about these rumors, we can give some reasons why this might be a good move.

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Are HDDs Obsolete?

This looks like more fun than reading The SSD GuyAn article in the Storage Newsletter caught The SSD Guy’s eye when it ran in July.  The article consisted of a press release followed by an editorial comment:

While hard drives still have the cost advantage, it appears it’s becoming akin to sticking with a horse-drawn buggy in an age of automobiles by arguing that the upfront cost for a car is so much more than the cost of a horse. At some point, it just doesn’t make sense to ride a horse. How soon until the IT world gets there?

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