Enterprise SSDs to Grow Over 10x by 2016

Objective Analysis 2012 Enterprise SSD ReportObjective Analysis is pleased to announce availability of a new report: Enterprise SSDs: Technologies & Markets.

The report’s key finding: The stunning growth of SSDs in enterprise servers and storage systems is only going to get stronger.  Objective Analysis finds that the enterprise SSD market is likely to approach $4 billion in revenues by 2016, nearly six times that of 2011, while unit shipments will increase by ten times during that period to almost 4 million units.

This 104-page report is the third update of Objective Analysis’ cornerstone enterprise SSD report.  The new report reviews the enterprise SSD market, explaining the reasons that OEMs and their customers are choosing enterprise SSDs over more conventional alternatives like RAID systems of enterprise HDDs.  The study details the various alternatives available to the enterprise data center, giving each alternative’s strengths and weaknesses, as it explains how SSDs are being added to all categories of enterprise computing systems ranging from on-line transaction processing to scientific supercomputing centers.

This report represents a collection of technology, market dynamics, and forecasts in an easy-to-understand format to provide a comprehensive view of the workings of the enterprise SSD, its applications, and its market dynamics.  It is aimed at

  • Prospective solid state drive (SSD) users
  • SSD and hard disk drive (HDD) manufacturers
  • OEMs
  • Flash chip makers
  • Investors in all of these businesses,

In this study, Objective Analysis explains how SSDs reduce storage system hardware requirements to yield cost, power, and space savings while improving system throughput.  Forecasts for each of 22 key enterprise applications give consumption patterns for each, and are rolled up into a consolidated bottom-up forecast for the entire enterprise SSD market.  This is compared to a top-down unit shipment and revenue forecast that models the impact of SSDs on the HDD business, and is further broken out to show unit shipments by interface type.

Readers will gain a solid understanding of enterprise SSD technology and the existing alternatives, and will learn why many applications can benefit by switching from HDDs to SSDs.  Fifteen tables deliver key metrics and detailed forecasts through 2016; 30 figures help to explain how the technology works, and to outline the workings of the market.

The report, Enterprise SSDs: Technologies & Markets, can be ordered for immediate download on the Web at: www.Objective-Analysis.com.

2 thoughts on “Enterprise SSDs to Grow Over 10x by 2016”

  1. I knew about SSD for 2 years and interested to use with my PC. At that time it was too expensive and small capacity for me, so I chose HDD and use til today.

    IMO: SSD will replace HDD perfectly because it has many advantage over HDD while the price is decreasing.

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