Getting the Most from Data Center SSDs

2017-09-19 Calypso Real World Workload TestMy friend and associate Eden Kim of Calypso Systems has published a new white paper on real workloads for SSDs.

This is the company that has helped the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) to develop performance tests for SSDs that get past the issues that plague SSD users: Yes, it does well when it’s new, but how will an SSD perform after a year or two of service?

Calypso has recently published a new White Paper entitled: Datacenter Server Real World Workloads.  This document analyzes real-life datacenter server workloads and performance to provide important insight into how an SSD might perform in actual environments rather than in synthesized workloads.  It compares data center class SSDs against SAS HDDs to take a lot of the guessing out of issues about IOPS requirements, endurance needs, and so forth by comparing the measured activity over 24 hours of a 2,000-outlet retail chain web portal running SQL.

The tests in the paper represent a “bake-off” that runs the workload through four different SSDs and one SAS HDD, with results illustrated in numerous charts, one of which serves as this post’s graphic.

The tests in the white paper are based on a simple program that can be downloaded to capture and analyze your own real-world workloads.  It is available for free download at and includes I/O capture, data analytics and real world workload tests.

Once a system’s real world workloads has been captured it can be used to evaluate the different kinds of storage that the system administrator is considering using in the system.

Give it a try.  Visit the Test My Workload page to learn more.

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