How Many IOPS Do You Really Need?

From Report: "How Many IOPS Do You Really Need?"

IT professionals find it difficult to determine which SSD or flash array to buy or even whether they can get the speed they need from standard HDDs.  There is an extraordinarily wide rage of IOPS (from hundreds to millions), latencies, and capacities, and this can be confusing.  A new Objective Analysis report: How Many IOPS Do You Really Need provides, through a survey of IT managers and other end users, an understanding of the performance needs of various applications including IOPS, latency, and capacity.

This report answers questions that have never previously been asked, making it an enormous help to users and providers alike.

Objective Analysis teamed up with Coughlin Associates to thoroughly analyze the results of an IT manager survey which collected inputs on the IOPS, capacity, and latency needs for a number of key enterprise applications.  Respondents were candid with their replies, and shed new light on the speed requirements for certain key applications like OLTP, database management, and cloud services.

By reading this report, SSD and storage array vendors will gain a better understanding of their prospective customers, and IT managers will learn what others with the same problems have found to be the answer to their problems. Investors will gain key insight into the strengths and weaknesses of new players in the market, and marketing & sales managers will achieve a more solid understanding of their markets.

The report, How Many IOPS Do You Really Need, is now available and can be purchased for immediate download at This study is essential to any company participating in the enterprise storage market, either as a manufacturer, user, or investor in this technology.

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