New Report Posts Results of IT Manager IOPS Survey

From Report: "How Many IOPS Do You Really Need?"Tom Coughlin and I have just released a new report that helps shed a lot of light on a pretty challenging subject: We asked nearly 200 IT managers to tell us how much storage performance their systems require.  They provided candid replies about their IOPS, latency, and capacity needs for a number of leading applications.

The results of this survey are compiled in a 80-page report titled How Many IOPS do you Really Need?  This one-of-a-kind report provides responses for all of our survey respondents and breakdowns according to major applications categories.  The results are further presented in scatter charts that plot IOPS against capacity, latency against capacity, and latency against IOPS, an approach that reveals interdependencies between two variables.  These charts are also presented for all applications combined as well as for each application by itself, helping to create a whopping 54 figures in the report.

Another key question that gave interesting results was one of the system’s capabilities.  We asked respondents how many IOPS their system could use before the system itself became the bottleneck.  Most of our participants indicated that they wanted storage that was close to the maximum their systems could handle.

Check out the report.  There’s a downloadable outline at the link above.  We think that you will find that it covers ground that is not adequately researched anywhere else, and presents details that should prove invaluable to readers, whether they are IT managers like our respondents, or SSD and storage providers, or even investors in these markets.

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