NVDIMM Report Now Available

I am proud to share the release of a new Objective Analysis report detailing the nonvolatile dual inline memory module (NVDIMM) market.  Titled: “Profiting from the NVDIMM Market,” this report explains the What, How, Why, & When of NVDIMMs, and forecasts the market through 2021.

Readers are aware that I have been watching this market for some time, and never really know whether I should post about NVDIMMs in The SSD Guy or in The Memory Guy, since the boundary between memory and storage is bridged by these products.  My solution: publish posts about this report in both blogs!

According to the Objective Analysis NVDIMM market model the NVDIMM market can be expected to reach nearly 12 million units by 2021, representing a 105% average annual growth rate.  The forecast methodology used for this model has provided some of the semiconductor business’ most consistently-accurate forecasts.  The report, which includes this forecast, was the result of thorough research into the technology and the circumstances that led to the introduction of NVDIMMs, NVDIMM vendor and user interviews, and briefings from those standards bodies that are diligently working to provide timely support for this new technology.

This in-depth 80-page analysis explores the leading NVDIMM formats, and provides unit shipments and revenue forecasts through 2021.  It uses 42 figures and 14 tables to introduce the technology, standards, and applications of NVDIMMs, as well as to explain those software changes being introduced specifically to support this new storage format.

The leading 13 NVDIMM suppliers are profiled, and definitions are provided for the different NVDIMM formats now being produced and developed.  The report concludes with unit shipment and revenue forecasts for different NVDIMM formats.

The report can be purchased for immediate download at http://Objective-Analysis.com/Reports.html#NVDIMM.

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