Podcast: Flash Memory Summit 2019

GreybeardsThose of you who enjoy listening to podcasts may want to hear Ray Lucchesi (Silverton Consulting) and Keith Townsend (The CTO Advisor) interview The SSD Guy for their series “Greybeards on Storage.”

This interview is the series’ 86th episode covering the world of storage.  These guys do a fantastic job of probing this industry with great enthusiasm and insight.

This episode is a 40-minute compendium of the sights and goings-on at the August 2019 Flash Memory Summit along with observations on the industry in general.  It’s not strictly structured, and not strictly serious, but just three industry insiders having a lot of fun sharing their observations.

Some of the broad range of subjects that we discussed during the episode were:

  • Computational Storage: Putting data into an SSD that you hope not to have to read back out
  • Toshiba’s new XL-Flash that hopes to compete against Optane SSDs
  • Optane DIMMs and Intel’s money-losing strategy to gain market acceptance
  • 3D NAND flash up to 800+ layers high, and 5-bit cells (“PLC”)

My episode can be found here:

86: Greybeards talk FMS19 wrap up and flash trends with Jim Handy, General Director, Objective Analysis


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