SanDisk Turns 25

SanDisk Market Open 27Aug13Today SanDisk announced that the company is now 25 years old and celebrated the fact by ringing the NASDAQ opening bell.

It’s intriguing to The SSD Guy that the company has reached 25 years, and has reached annual revenues of about $6 billion dollars, yet one of the founders is still the CEO.  Sanjay Mehrotra has been leading the company since the retirement of co-founder Eli Harari, and has kept up the fast pace that has allowed SanDisk to maintain a leading position in the NAND flash market.

My hat is off to this company that took a big chance to pursue its vision of changing the world with flash.  Although SSDs didn’t become important to the market until about 20 years after SanDisk introduced its first model, the company spearheaded the move from film cameras to digital, from floppy disks to USB flash drives, and from CDs and videotapes to flash media, and is now pushing for the replacement of hard disks with SSDs.

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