Seagate Jumps into PCIe SSDs with Virident

Seagate adds PCI Express SSDs from ViridentSeagate Technology has made a $40 million investment in Virident Systems and has already begun to offer Virident PCIe SSDs to its customers.  This was announced on January 28 by the two companies.

Objective Analysis issued an Alert a few hours after the announcement to our clients. Some items we pointed out:

  • Seagate has been slow moving into the SSD market, but the company has a quality reputation to uphold, and the requisite testing takes time. Virident’s product has no doubt been exhaustively tested.
  • Most SSDs suffer from slowdowns of a few orders of magnitude from time to time, but Virident has found a way to to move past these difficulties and provide very consistent speed.
  • Virident’s performance argument is understood by the supercomputing community, where Virident has excellent traction, but by few others.

Seagate has moved into the PCIe SSD space with one of the highest-performing products available serving both Seagate and Virident well.

In a recently-released report: The Enterprise SSD: Technologies and Markets, Objective Analysis forecast that the PCIe SSD market will grow to over two million units units by 2016.

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