SNIA CXL Webinar

The SNIA logoOn June 27, The SSD Guy moderated a 1-hour CXL webinar, sponsored by the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA).  The slides are already online at the SNIA Educational Library, and a recorded video is available on BrightTalk.  Both attendees and those who missed it can now take advantage of this rare collection of CXL expertise.

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The panel was titled Persistent Memory , CXL, and Memory Tiering – Past , Present & Future.  It featured luminaries from Intel, Samsung, VMware, and, of course, SNIA, who gave an overview of CXL’s architecture and ways that it can be used to boost the performance of computer systems.

      • Intel’s Andy Rudoff and Bhushan Chitlur gave architectural overviews of CXL, explaining the pieces that have already been put in place and showing how systems could benefit from it.
      • Samsung’s David McIntyre walked through his company’s Memory-Semantic SSD, a device that makes SSD data available as if it were already in memory.
      • VMware’s Sudhir Balasubramanian and Arvind Jagannath both explained how VMware makes the advantages of CXL available to both standard software and CXL-aware systems, and showed compelling benchmarks to prove that CXL can immediately provide tangible benefits to the user.

The panel was well attended, and the audience asked very good questions, which the panelists addressed clearly and succinctly.

It’s well worth a listen.  Have a look!

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