SPDEcon Sneak Peek

SPDEcon Solid State PreviewWe have just finished up a webcast (now available for replay) that gives a preview of five of the solid state storage presentations that will be given at the upcoming Storage Plumbing and Data Engineering Conference – SPDEcon for short – hosted by the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) on June 10-12 at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Santa Clara, California.

Our webcast, titled SPDEcon Solid State Preview, presents snippets of four talks covering solid state storage in the enterprise:

  • Doug Rollins of Micron discussed SSD performance testing
  • Coughlin Associates’ CEO Tom Coughlin presented an update of the status of SSDs
  • Radoslav Danilak, Skyera’s founder & CEO discussed how to achieve price, performance, ad capacity parity of HDDs using flash
  • Doug Dumitru of Easyco explained how a software stack can optimally manage flash
  • And, finally, I chatted about enterprises that are using SSDs to reduce their DRAM, not HDD, usage

This is one of three free webcasts SNIA has sponsored to encourage prospective attendees to consider attending the event.  The other two are:

The SSD Guy recommends viewing them all!

For more information on SPDEcon please visit the website at SPDEcon.com.

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