SSD Presence Growing at Oracle OpenWorld

At Oracle’s October OpenWorld conference in San Francisco more exhibit hall space was dedicated to SSDs this year than  ever before.  That’s because Oracle runs faster on systems with SSDs than on systems without.

Even Oracle ships SSDs in its popular Exadata system, and the company recently announced that it had shipped over 1,000 installations since its introduction in 2009.

Exhibitors included SSD makers Texas Memory Systems (TMS), STEC, Fusion-io, Samsung, and Intel. along with solid state storage appliance vendors Violin Memory, Pure Storage, Nimbus Data Systems, Kaminario, Xio (formerly Xiotech), and Pillar Data Systems (acquired by Oracle in June.)

Although Oracle’s Sun Microsystems, an early adopter, first disclosed its use of SSDs only 2½ years ago in March of 2009, today this technology has become an essential part of many data systems.  This mushrooming technology will become ubiquitous in the enterprise computing space within the next few years.

Objective Analysis explores Enterprise SSDs in depth in its report The Enterprise SSD: Technologies & Markets, available for purchase at the Objective Analysis Website.

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