STEC SSD Survey Yields Surprising Results

vmworld2012STEC ran a survey at VMworld this week to determine who was using SSDs and how they were using them.  Some of the results were a little surprising.  Out of 136 attendees surveyed:

  • Only 5% believe that SSDs provide a competitive advantage
  • 56% say that less than 50% of their business-critical applications are supported by SSDs

STEC shared some further results with The SSD Guy:

  • 54% expected databases to create the most SSD demand next year, while 44% expected virtualization to be the driver. (Remember that this is a virtualization conference!)
  • Although only 5% of those interviewed believed that the most compelling reason to use SSDs was to provide a competitive edge, the other 95% found it to be performance and response time

This was a very simple 6-question survey.  STEC wisely chose not to ask too many questions.

Tom Coughlin and I are taking the same approach in an IOPS survey we are running at the moment.  We would appreciate any responses we can get.  Please take a moment to fill out our 5-minute survey at


2 thoughts on “STEC SSD Survey Yields Surprising Results”

  1. Those are some surprising results! Maybe the reason only 5% of the attendees surveyed believed that SSDs provide a competitive advantage is because they would consider SSDs a necessity. We’re looking forward to sharing the results of the survey we had administered at Flash Memory Summit with you, as we believe they will be equally interesting! Thanks!

    – Esther Spanjer, Director, SSD Technical Marketing, SMART Storage Systems

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