The NAND Band!

NAND Band Backstage PassDuring this month’s Storage Visions conference, SMART Storage Systems hosted a “NAND Band” party.  The company kept the details secret until the guests were all there, after which two “Blues Brothers” impersonators (SMART’s president John Scaramuzzo and Rick Neff, Director of Business Development) showed up in a video singing their new rendition of the 1966 Spencer Davis Group hit: “Gimme Some Lovin’.”   SMART’s version was called: “Gimme Some Endurance” and the lyrics centered around the importance of endurance in SSDs.

(SMART’s NAND Band should not be confused with the techno band named NAND which I only discovered while writing this post.)

The reception was held only a couple of hours after Mr. Scaramuzzo made his Storage Visions presentation “SSD Performance with Capacity Matters” in which he explained why an SSD-based storage array can actually be more cost-effective and offer higher performance than a flash array that is not based on SSDs.  Of course, his own company’s high performance and endurance played a big part in the presentation.

The reception was a lot of fun, and was probably the most unusual way I have ever seen anyone extol the virtues of high SSD endurance.

The video can be viewed on YouTube by clicking HERE.


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