Video: A Brief History of SSDs

Pogo Linux Video: A Brief History of SSDsErik Logan of Pogo Linux sent me a link to an amusing & informative video he and his company put together called A Brief History of SSDs.  In the video Erik (pictured) tells of Pogo Linux’ experience with SSDs.

The company has a lot of hands-on SSD experience: Pogo Linux ships servers and storage and has ramped SSD shipments (as a percent of all drives) from single digits three years ago to the point where SSDs now account for 31% of all drives they ship.  Erik shared with me that: “Sorting through the good, the bad, and the ugly of SSD products and vendors has been a huge chore — to put it mildly.”

On the way there the company has noted some clear phases of SSD development which they call the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age.  After describing these Erik tells what’s happening today, and gives his expectations for the SSDs of tomorrow.

All in all it’s 5 minutes well spent.  Have a look by clicking the video’s title above.

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