Webinar: Flash Best Practices

I had the opportunity to participate in a round table webinar covering the best practices for solid state storage on July 18.  The hour-long session (including Q&A) can be replayed at BrightTalk.

In this round table webinar entitled Best Practices for Solid State Storage Implementation storage analyst Tom Coughlin moderated three of us, Radoslav Danilak of Skyera, Esther Spanjer of SMART Storage Solutions, and The SSD Guy (Yours Truly) in a discussion ways to use solid state (flash) storage to its best advantage without getting caught by many thorny issues.

The webinar is an hour long, and has received very high ratings in reviews and feedback via e-mail.  Give it a listen!

For more information on solid state storage readers are directed to the Objective Analysis Reports page, which provides information for ordering reports covering enterprise and client SSDs.  All reports can be purchased for immediate download from the website.


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